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An entrepreneur’s path leads beyond where most people ever go. You have a vision, and you’re willing to work hard and take risks to achieve your goals. Now you are taking an even bigger step asking people to invest in you and your project. Raising capital is a significant challenge, and everything depends on your success at this critical stage.

The Three Biggest Fundraising Challenges Entrepreneurs Face:

1. There is a Lot to Learn!
Where do you start? What should you do, and what is the right sequence? Simply having a business plan doesn’t bring investors to your doorstep. It doesn’t tell you where to find them or how to conduct effective presentations. You need a plan to raise capital.

2. There are Strict Laws You Must Follow!
Even if you have great sales experience, there is much to learn about the different types of investors and protocols for approaching and speaking to them. There are also records to keep and legalities to follow so you are legally compliant. It’s dangerous, confusing and often overwhelming. You need specialized training.

3. You Need Support!
The entrepreneur’s path can be lonely. In the beginning, you typically operate alone—without much support or access to expert advice. “Fear storms” can get the best of you. Even if you get off to a good start, many entrepreneurs hit a slump before they finish raising enough capital. You not only need training – you need expert coaching from a qualified source.

Now You Can Take Months Off Your Learning Curve!

Here’s How Our New Capital Coaching Program Helps:
As a recognized provider of growth services to entrepreneurs, Hoyt Management Group has developed a state-of-the-art Coach Led Training™ program. While no program can guarantee your success, this intensive Capital Coaching Program improves your chances by helping you navigate the challenges of raising investor capital.

  • Structured Approach – You benefit from a 14 lesson program that’s been carefully developed to help you overcome the obstacles you’ll face.
  • Plan – We help you plan your approach to raising capital. You customize it to fit your style and timetable, and formulate a plan you can execute.
  • Training – There is a lot to learn about raising capital. You’ll need guidelines, articles and other materials to help you better understand the process. It’s all organized in the workbook and action guide!
  • Support – No more going it alone. You have the option of working with a trained coach to encourage you, advise you and help you focus on getting the results you want.

“Paul Hoyt has knocked the ball clean out of the park with his Capital Coaching Program! If you are new to the process of raising capital, you cannot afford to miss what Paul’s Capital Coaching Program has to offer. It has given me the tools I need to talk confidently to investors, and I have made incredible progress in just a few short weeks!”

Kim Burney
EverWarm Products

Table of Contents

Lesson One: Your Securities Attorney (Forming the Company, Corporate Records Review, Capital Engineering, Preparing your Compliance Documents, Escrow Agent and Record Keeping, Funding Sources).

Lesson Two: Your First Money (Your Business Overview, Forming Your Company, Promissory Notes, Pre-Organization Capital, How Much Do You Raise?).

Lesson Three: Your First Step Financial Plan (Use of Proceeds, The Challenge of Sequencing).

Lesson Four: Your Documentation (Investor Prospect Files, Investor Files, Financial Records)

Lesson Five: Your Capital Mindset (Your Attitude, Your Confidence, Your Growth Opportunities, Your Transformation, Your Role, Your Priorities).

Lesson Six: Making Contact (Your Contact List, Friends and Family Letter, Setting Aggressive Goals, Qualifying Your Investors, Preparing for Conversations, Mindset Preparation Process, Instant Preparation, Your Investor’s Motivations, Your Conversations with Investors, Finding Your Style, Investor Communications).

Lesson Seven: Laying the Foundation (Understanding the Language of Capital, The Legal Ways to Raise Capital in the U.S., Exemptions (504, 505, 506).

“Paul Hoyt’s Capital Coaching Program is by far the very best available. Whether you’re familiar with raising capital or starting from scratch, this program is a must have. It will save you time and money while it teaches you everything you need know about the process of raising capital, from start to finish. If you are a passionate entrepreneur even thinking about raising money for your business, reading Paul Hoyt’s Capital Coaching Program should be your very first step. It is quite possibly the most concise, easy to read, hands on program that has ever been released on the subject of raising capital. It has proven to be incredibly valuable and I highly recommend it.”

Lex Lang,
President – H2Om International, Inc. – H2Om Water with Intention

More Lessons You Need

Lesson Eight: Capital Engineering (Valuing Your Company, Your Funding Options, Your Capitalization Table).

Lesson Nine: Understanding Your Investors (The Many Types of Investors, Being Capital Attractive, Investor Questions and Special Requests, Becoming Comfortable Talking to People with Money).

Lesson Ten: Managing Common Problems (Getting Started, Sophomore Slump, Improving Your Proposal, Recovering From a Setback).

Lesson Eleven: Your Investor Proposal (Packaging and Delivery, Your Business Overview, Your Business Plan, Your Legal Documents, Investor Video).

Lesson Twelve: Your Capital Team (Selecting and Recruiting Your Team, Rewarding Your Capital Team, Getting Them Started, Communicating with Your Team, Documentation).

Lesson Thirteen: Capital Presentations (Informal Presentations, Formal Presentations, Parties and Tours, Following-Up).

Lesson Fourteen: Salesmanship(Ethical Sales, Overcoming Your Blocks, Your Value Propositions, Developing the Opportunity, Opportunity Management, Talking to Your Prospects).

Appendix A: Glossary of Terms

“I read your book Capital Coaching Program from cover to cover in one day. I was so encouraged by the clear concise way that you explain things. The requirements for my business are laid out in such a way that I do not feel intimidated by all of the great work that lies ahead for me in building a successful company. I am grateful to work with this tool as it is truly like having you come to work with me everyday. Thanks for a great work!”

Julie Edwards, CEO
Color And Soul Mineral Cosmetics, LLC

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