A Day of Rest

September 15, 2010 | Comments | Uncategorized

I talked to a client today about his progress and plans for raising capital. He replied that his enthusiasm had been renewed and he was eager to take the next steps. He was ready to send out the investor newsletter and make calls to his investor prospects. He was pumped and excited!


Just a couple of days earlier he had been moving slowly. Family issues and lots of work had left him depleted and fatigued. He was not eager to write or call or take the next steps in raising capital.

So he took a day off. Slept in. Took several naps.

Darn near slept the whole day.

And it worked for him.

Every once in a while, it seems, taking a day off can be a very good thing. It sure beats the heck out of going at half-speed for weeks.

Investors notice.

Questions: Is your enthusiasm lagging? Do you think a day off would be helpful? Are you putting your best foot forward with every call?

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