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One of the most important things you can do when raising capital for your small business is keeping your company visible to both current and prospective investors.

You went to them with a great deal of enthusiasm and determination and they listened. Some chose to write you a check, others did not.

But regardless of whether or not they wrote you a check, one thing is for sure: they are watching you, and every once in a while, they think of you. They want you to succeed and they want to be kept informed of your progress. They are curious.

They want you to be honest about your challenges and opportunities and they want to see how you manage both of them. When you write them an occasional email or newsletter, they get to “watch the game”. When you call them and check-in once a month, they can get more details. Their curiosity is momentarily satisfied, and they look forward to the next chapter in the saga of your business.

Along the way, they also learn that you value the relationship and are still confident enough to follow-up on your original pitch.

Every sales professional knows the importance of Top of the Mind Awareness. It is critical to be the first person someone thinks of whenever they decide to take action. If they feel comfortable with the value of working with the first person who pops into their head, they may not look any further.

So when you are on their minds and they are thinking about their investments, they might just warm up to the idea of investing with you.

And the next time you call, you may find that their “not now” has turned to a “send me the paperwork”.

Questions: Do you have contact information for all of your current and prospective investors? Are you calling them regularly and sending them periodic updates? Are you at the top of their mind?

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